BBA books for comrades (Lenny Kwok’s archive)

郭達年 Lenny KWOK Tat-lin is, along with 莫昭如 MOK Chiu-yu, one of the co-initiators of the 2017 Black Book Fair, later renamed Black Book Assembly (yours truly).  He is also a member of 黑鳥 Blackbird, often referred to as one of the godfather bands of Hong Kong indie music. Their music fuses rock, blues, folk, punk, and often has strong political and anarchist overtones.

Kwok and Blackbird are known for their political activism since the mid-80s. In support of local (counter)culture and social activism against mainland imperialism, they created local fanzines, pirated leftist literature, and organised many events and theatre pieces, working mainly with immigrant musicians working in Hong Kong. Kwok’s strong and uncompromised criticism towards the Chinese government still endures till today, and he has since relocated to other shores, but his large archive is still in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, his friends cannot keep paying storage fees, so we need to spread the seeds. Books need to be claimed by February 2023… Contact assembly [at] blackbook [dot] page for inquiries.


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