Activists and Advocacy Beyond Academia

Monday, 2 May 2022
9:00-11:00AM UTC-04
21:00-23:00 UTC+08

This webinar event will feature activists who work in public domains in connection with sensitive topics in East and South Asia, with respondents sharing how activists have encountered attacks on their work and persons in both digital and analogue spaces. The speakers will share their experiences with scholars and listeners of how they attempt to operate in solidarity with other activists and grow global networks of collaboration.

Hosted by the Association for Asian Studies ‘Digital Dialogues’ series. Register for  💤oom 🔗  here.


Kavita Krishnan | Politburo member, CPIML Liberation
Kavita Krishnan is a communist feminist activist, Secretary of All India Progressive Women’s Association, and Politburo member of the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Liberation.

Lala Lau | Member of the Taiwan International Student Movement (TISM)
Lala Lau is a member of Taiwan International Student Movement (TISM), a student organization based in Taiwan concerned with labor rights and the right to education for non-local students. She has also been involved in sex-workers organization advocacy since 2012.

Stephanie Minyoung Lee | Program Director, Comfort Women Action for Redress and Education
Stephanie Minyoung Lee volunteers as a Program Director for Comfort Women Action for Redress and Education (CARE). She is a practicing lawyer and writes about culture, place, and identity.

Ahkok Chun-Kwok Wong | PhD candidate in City, University of London
Ahkok Chun-Kwok Wong is a musician, sound artist, curator, writer, and activist. He is currently a PhD candidate in City, University of London.

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